Sunday, January 1, 2012

Three weeks later...Sunday July 16, 2006

This Sunday morning Randy said goodbye as he was traveling for a BIG conference in Chicago for the week that he was in charge of. After he left I slowly got up for the day. As I went to the bathroom I noticed that I was numb in the pelvic area. Weird. I thought that maybe it was how I slept or maybe even a pinched nerve?? I just knew it didn't feel right.

As the morning went on it felt like it was getting worse. I called my mom, who recently had back surgery, to see if she knew of any stretches I could do to relieve the pinched nerve. I was sure that was all it was. I didn't want to go pay the ER copay for them to tell me it was nothing.

I did all the stretches, took a bath, and made more phone calls. By the early evening hours the numbness was now down my legs. This worried me. I called my cousin, an EMT, to ask her opinion. She said to go in. I called my Family doctor who then said to go straight to the ER. He called Lewisville Hospital to let them know I was coming in.

Now what to do...I have 3 little boys, Ricky 7, Michael 3, and Cameron 1. I called my one and only babysitter, Bronwen. She came over with her parents, Serena and Blake. Blake gave me a Priesthood blessing that was so amazing. I held onto what he said for my ENTIRE journey.

As we arrived at the ER I was still able to walk. They did an exam, which wasn't pleasant at all, and then wanted to do an MRI. As I joked and sat with Serena and laughed not knowing what exactly the doctors were thinking was wrong. It was hard. I'm so grateful that Serena was there for me. When I get nervous I laugh a lot. We will just say that there was a lot of laughing going on. Seriously the doctors kept doing that awful exam. I still had no idea what they were thinking and they weren't telling me either.

The MRI tech came in to take me for my 1st MRI. As he wheeled me down the hall grumbling about how I took him from his poolside afternoon. I felt horrible and was totally embarrassed, still thinking it is a dumb pinched nerve.

After the LONG MRI, the tech apologized. He mentioned that he had found something and it wasn't good. He said that the ER doctor would explain. Still I didn't think anything serious. All this time Randy calling me and I keep telling him that all is ok and that he doesn't need to come home.

The ER doctor said that they had found a mass and it could be cancer, but she wasn't sure until more tests can be ran. They transferred me to Zale-Lypshy in Dallas later that night. Serena followed the ambulance. She didn't want me to be by myself. She was so amazing. Zale-Lypshy is part of the UT Southwestern University Hospital.

Again when I arrived the nurse did the exam again!!! Really the 2 times at the ER wasn't enough I suppose!! Totally embarrassing too. But at least Serena was with me to laugh about it after.

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