Monday, January 16, 2012

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Exercise Won't Beat Cancer But it will Help You

The health benefits a person gets from exercise are numerous. Everyone knows that exercise, combined with a healthy diet is the best form of health imaginable. The benefits of exercise are not merely physical; there are more benefits that you cannot see than there are ones you can. This is precisely the reason everyone, especially those undergoing mesothelioma treatment should make exercise a part of their daily routine in order to make it easier to breathe when undergoing so much stress on the lungs.

The physical benefits of exercise are well known. Your body looks better and you are stronger; and while the physical aspects of exercise are a great reason to motivate you to get up and get active, it is the internal benefits that make exercising with cancer so important. Exercise produces hormones in your body that lower your stress level. A high stress level causes your immune system to suffer and your body is unable to fight disease and illness at its full potential. When you exercise, your stress levels are lowered and as a result, your immune system rebuilds and becomes stronger when fighting illness. Since cancer is a disease and affects your health; your immune system needs to be at its best to give you the strength to handle the treatments you are given.

In addition, exercise also boosts your mood. When you are feeling down because of your treatments and your diagnosis, physical activity will help boost your mood and make you happier and less defeated, angry or depressed. This is beneficial because a better mood makes handling your treatments easier. The National Cancer Institute recommends cancer patients include physical activity in their daily schedule as often as possible; while it will not cure you of cancer the benefits it does provided are immeasurable.

The process of going through treatment for any type of cancer is grueling at times and there are days when you will not want to move; and sometimes when you simply cannot. Don’t worry; it happens. When you have the energy and the ability to exercise – do it. When you don’t, do stress yourself out trying. If all you can muster the energy to do is take a walk around your living room, take a walk around your living room. You can always exercise on a day when you have more energy and are feeling more like yourself.

The kind of exercise you do while you go through your cancer treatments depends on what your doctor recommends for you. Walking is always a good form of exercise, as is swimming, biking and cardio activity. A mere 20 minutes a day of exercise is enough to keep you fit, healthy and feeling good about yourself. Take control of your body during treatments by exercising.

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