Thursday, January 5, 2012

Tuesday July 18, 2006

I woke up this morning with numbness in my hands now. Why? This is getting a little more serious than I thought. I'm trying to keep up a positive attitude though.

Serena is helping me keep notes and is writing for me now. I don't have enough strength in my hands to write legalibly.

I had a biopsy of the mass in my sacrum today. OUCH!!! They say that they numb it right....just the top layer!! I cried SO hard. The tech was SO stinkn' nice to me though. He kept trying to keep me going strong. They took 3 serum and 5 tissue samples. I really think that that was more painful than child birth. Really, it was. The samples are being sent away to the Mayo Clinic.

When I arrived back in my room from this horrible experience, I had visitors!! Bishop McEntire was checking up on me. Also soon after my friend Cindy came with lunch!! It was so nice to see familiar faces right after such a horrible event. Really the word biopsy is a bad word in my vocabulary now. We all had fun chatting about life and things. We talked about Cameron and how I thought when he was born and we found out that he had Down Syndrome, that that was going to be our big trial in life. Little did I know that he is more of a blessing than a trial. He is an angel. We actual are handling that well!! It's busy most times, but busy with learning opportunities.

I really felt special today. Having visitors is the nicest thing when you are stuck in a hospital bed. I will always remember this.

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