Saturday, December 31, 2011

Just a few highlighted dates to start with...

As I begin this blog to document my journey... I wanted to start it off with just a few dates to remember:

July 16, 2006 Sunday morning woke up numb in the pelvic area and later on in the day down to my toes...went to ER

July 20, 2006 I cannot walk or move my arms: Quadriplegic

July 26, 2006 First Surgery to remove tumor in Sacrum

July 27, 2006 Second surgery for the neck

July 29, 2006 Started Blood Therapy: Plasmapheresis

August 16, 2006 Flew on private jet to Utah to Huntsman Cancer Institute

August 24, 2006 Started Physical and Occupational Therapy

August 30, 2006 Started 1st round of Chemo

September 4, 2006 Finally released from hospitals and back at a real home: my parents in Utah

September 14, 2006 Shaved my head. Hair was falling out bad.

October 30, 2006 Port put in. I LOVED this thing!!

Had plenty of chemo until April 27, 2007!! All done with Chemo!!!!

May 16, 2007 Surgery to REALLY remove the tumor. CANCER FREE!!!

June 12, 2007 Back home to my house in Corinth TX FINALLY!!!

These are just a few of the dates of events that happened. I am so excited to start my story for all to read, but most importantly for my children to have.