Thursday, February 2, 2012

Wednesday July 26, 2006

Well the 26th looks like the BIG day!! At 6:30am my husband, Randy, and my dad gave me a beautiful blessing of strength and safety. I'm sop grateful that I can have a priesthood blessing. I know that everything said was coming straight from my Father in Heaven.
At 8am I left for the surgery. My nurse Carol took me. My sisters, Sabrina and Jen, are staying at my house with my boys. My husband, mom and dad are waiting in the waiting room until I'm done. At 1pm Dr. Morrill came out to let my family know what happened. He said that my nerves were being protected in some kind of sheeting that kept them safe from the tumor. ANOTHER MIRACLE!!! A spinal tap #2 was done along with the biopsy of my right shoulder. I had to stay in ICU overnight. When my parents were with me I asked for a kiss. I'm so scared. I know my Heavenly Father is holding me in his arms right now though. At 8:30pm they had to leave. I was all alone now. Well sort of. I know I will spend the night with Jesus and Heavenly Father.

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