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Friday July 28, 2006

This morning I had a new nurse, Dietra. I am still on the respirator. I can only answer with blinking of my eyes for yes and no answers. I once saw a show about this, never though I would be the one doing it though.

At 8:30am I went in for a CT scan. The scan lasted until 10am!! When I returned to the ICU, I was breathing on my own. The doctors told my husband and parents that they will hopefully be able to pull the tube out by the end of the day. Oh how nice that would be. The tube is VERY uncomfortable. I hate not being able to talk.

The doctors were right. They took the tube out at 11:30am. I can breathe good now. That was the weirdest feeling getting it out too. I hope to never have to do this again. This was my moms favorite birthday present. Today is her birthday. All she wanted was for me to breathe on my own.

While I couldn't talk because of the tube in my throat, I saw my Great Grandma Pace. I was very close to her. I have seen her a lot since she has passed away. Always in my dreams though. This moment while in ICU with my parents standing next to me I saw her. She was standing next to my mom. She was wearing her favorite flower/butterfly shirt too. I miss her terribly. I'm so glad I know that I am not going through this alone. I have both sides fighting for me:-) I kept trying to have my mom guess what I wanted to say, but she couldn't understand. I kept looking to her side hoping she would understand. It's hard not talking!! So when they took the tube out I asked my mom if she saw Great Grandma. She didn't, but she said she sure felt a presence.

By noon Dr. Vermino came in to discuss the blood cleansing technique, also known as Plasmapheresis. Plasmapheresis is basically where they take my blood out put this nasty smelling stuff in that strips the cells out and puts the blood back in cleansed. They want to start this tomorrow. He also wants to do a brain biopsy to see if the lesions on my brain are the same as my neck. When I heard this, I got really scared. I've never heard of a blood cleansing technique, nonetheless doing a brain biopsy!! Yikes!! All I pictured was hearing the drill as I had to stay awake and talk to whoever was there. No thanks!

Andrea and Kathryn, my Relief Society President, brought my mom a birthday cheesecake and a gift. I seriously love my friends. It made my mom feel so special that someone thought of her on her birthday instead of it all being about me. I can't thank them enough.

At 2pm Dr Bolke, the radiologist, stopped by to inform us that they are still waiting on the pathology reports. He also wanted to keep us up on the current status ans treatment plan. He said he'll come back again. I like him. He is very nice. I like how he shows that he cares.

When Dr. Bolke left Annette, the nurse, came in to remove the IV lines. All the other stuff had to be taken out because my arms are starting to get too swollen. I'm so tired of getting new IV's. She gave me a shot of morphine before putting the new IV in, but it didn't work. The pain was so bad. What happens is is that I'm on a continuous drip in my IV of pain meds, so when they have to change it out they have to stop the drip and change it all and start the drip back up. So I don't get any pain meds until the drip starts again. The morphine shot did nothing for the pain. I can't believe how painful this is. Some of the nurses are quick and some are not so talented. This all happens every three days too. This way the IV doesn't get clogged. I'm sure getting use to the pokes though!!

At 6pm the doctors put in the tubes for the blood cleansing. They put in the inner right thigh right by your private. Right right by your private. That is one of the most sensitive spots too. Apparently there is a main artery there. Lucky for my mom and dad, they let them stay to watch the whole thing. My dad thought it was the coolest thing. I think I would if it wasn't happening to me.

Later I went down for another MRI. This time it was after visiting hours, so everyone had to leave. I hate that. All I know is that the MRI lasted past 10pm. It is so long being in a small tube being a quad. I'm starting to get use to these though.

Just a side note...When Randy returned home he found this HUGE spider in our garage!!!!

Look!! It's still so stinkn' big next to Randy's hand even being dead!!! Yuck!

Here's a cute picture of my little niece Shaelynn to help get that awful image of the spider out of your head:-)

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