Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Thursday July 27, 2006

This morning I woke up and had a bath. It was weird not having my mom here to help out. She's always been here to help from the beginning. Dr. Beshay came in to help give me different pain medicine. All I kept doing was praying and praying. I hurt so bad. I remember last night seeing angels around me. I think they were here to make me feels safe and to also watch over me. That gives me comfort.
When my mom and dad came I told them that I felt it was very important that our Prophet, President Hinckly knew that I was teaching the Primary children the primary songs. I wanted him to know that even though I cannot read music at all, that I was still able to teach the children. Fulfilling my calling..
Later today Dr. Burton came in to tell me that he thinks we need to transfer to a bigger cancer hospital like MD Anderson in Houston that can treat rare cancers. I don't want to go there right in the middle of the hurricane season!! We thought about Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City Utah. If I want to beat cancer, then I need my family there to support me. My parents had to leave the ICU, so they called Sabrina. She then called Huntsman and asked lots of questions and getting answers. Meanwhile my parents and Randy were thinking of how they can fly me there. I can't sit up but for just a few minutes at a time. Not long enough for a SWA flight. The cancer hospital doesn't have a plane either. It was funny...my mom kept saying maybe Oprah or John Travolta can take me on their plane!! I love my mom. But really..they are too busy to think about me. But hey, she's trying to be creative to get me there. I love that!! The doctors suggested Angel flight, but they didn't have anyone available. We called our insurance and talked about a private medical flight that would have a medical flight nurse to help take care of me if needed. This was the way we were going to go.
At 9:30am Dr. Beshay came in to tell me that they have to do surgery on my neck. It's on the C2-C3 area. I will go in at 2pm. Wow!! He sure didn't give me much time to recover. They are worried about the tumor and how much weaker my arms are getting. They think that if I don't do this then I will be on the respirator by Friday. They are hoping that this surgery will help relieve the pressure on my lungs. Another 4 hour surgery.
The Bishop and my sisters are watching my kids at my house for me. This way Randy and my parents can stay late.
After the surgery Dr. Morrill came to my family after the surgery to let them know that it wasn't a tumor on my neck, but a lesion. He said that if it was a tumor like the one on my sacrum, then he was prepared to tell them that I only had maybe 6 more months to live. He was glad that he could tell us that it wasn't a tumor, but now he is thinking it is now maybe MS or a degenerative disorder along with the tumor that has given me my paralysis from the waist up. I'm glad we are starting to get some answers. Dr. Morrill wants to start some blood cleansing therapy and also do a brain biopsy.
AT 9pm my family all had to go home. Randy to the house and my parents to the hotel. I stayed on the respirator in ICU over night.
There I was laying in the ICU all by myself. The nurses tell my family that I am doing ok through the night. I got a bath and had some x-rays of my lungs. My sweet mom called at 4am. She couldn't sleep. They reassured her that I was stable and strong. I couldn't imagine being my mom. I would be calling every hour!! My mom is such a good mom.

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